Video Systems

AiM SmartyCam 3, SmartyCam 3GP, SmartyCam 3 Dual, SmartyCam 3 Sport, SmartyCam HD 2.1 and SmartyCam GP HD 2.2 Video/Data 

Product41 recommends the newest AiM SmartyCam 3, SmartyCam 3 Sport, SmartyCam 3 Dual and SmartyCam 3 GP for your data and video overlay. This system can be used as a slave to an existing AiM data system or in stand alone mode. By adding the GPS09 module you can add another level of excitement with track mapping. Use the ECU bridge to connect to your vehicle ECU via CAN/RS232 for aftermarket ECU's or CAN/ODB2 connection for factory ECU's and pull engine data into your video and onto your screen. The NEW SmartyCam 3 versions were just annouced. More info will be released soon on the New SmartyCam 3 systems.