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Yamaha YZF450R - YARARA Plug & Play Racing ECU
  • Yamaha YZF450R - YARARA Plug & Play Racing ECU
  • Yamaha YZF450R - YARARA Plug & Play Racing ECU
  • Yamaha YZF450R - YARARA Plug & Play Racing ECU

Yamaha YZF450R - YARARA Plug & Play Racing ECU

Brand: AIM Sports
Taipan Options:

Special Order Item

YARARA Programmable Racing ECU for the Yamaha YZF450R Sport ATV

AiM YARARA programmable racing ECU's for the Yamaha YZF-450R Sport ATV. YARARA is the brand-new aftermarket plug & play ECUs created by AiM, exclusively designed specifically for the YZF 450R. Thanks to their high technology 32-bit core, they represent an important step forward to improve the performances of your machine, without sacrificing reliability and smoothness. The YARARA is provided and programmed with 5 base maps. Custom maps including launch control, traction contol and advanced strategies can be programmed by an authorized programmer. Product41 has the capability of full programming.
Click here for YARARA User Manual 
NOTES When ordering:
- When ordering please note the model and year of your bike.
- Add the ECU bridge (user): 
This gives you the ability to: 1.) eceive the maps from your tuner and flash them in the ECU 2.) show in the software pages the exceptions or problems logged by the TAIPAN and 3.) select the fuel injection corrections per different RPM ranges. Note: Seconday harness is required
- Add the handle bar switch:
If your bike dosen't have an OEM switch you will want to add this so you can change maps. Note: Secondary harness is required
- Add the extension cable: Extension cable between ECU and handle bar switch. (comes with 15cm on ECU and 40cm on switch standard) Note: Secondary harness is required
- Add the ECU Bridge (tuner): This gives you full programming capabilities of the ECU. Note: Secondary harness is required

High technology 32-bit core

Engine control requires precision.
At 20,000 RPM the Taipan ECU guarantees a precision of 1/10 of
degree: this means an accuracy within 0.8 µsec for turning the spark ON! aim yarara ecu yzf450r

This precision is the key to guarantee:

  • A very consistent engine rotation
  • The possibility to repeat dozens of tests at the bench always obtaining the same exact result
  •  A perfect reactivity at every minimum change of any point of a map and, at the end…
  • More power at the wheel


secondary harnessFill your needs with the YARARA secondary harness

The secondary harness is an useful add-on to express the full potential of Yarara. If you would like to connect a logger, the HBS handlebar switch, a quick shifter or use the dedicated Spark software, you need the secondary harness. *See connection scheme at bottom of the page.

A - UC Bridge connector
Connect to UC Bridge in order to configurespecific maps, read live measurements with AiM SPARK software and have support from Tuners or AiM developers in remote mode.
B - CAN expansion 
AiM Logger, HBS handlebar switch or display.

C - Advanced stratagies
Quick shifter, second injector, spare analog channel, input channel, spare low-side output.

software options

 Fully Plug & Play for the Yamaha YZF450R 2021-2022 Models


Advanced Base Map: A base map that immediately made the bike more performing over the OEM control units. Below shows the immediate performance gains accross the RPM range.

yzf450r atv


Up to 5 selectable maps can be loaded and controlled by the OEM handle bar switch or the AiM handle bar switch. Fuel maps, traction contorl and lauch control are all available to be controlled.

selectable map switch

Advanced strategies:
Strategies can be configured for second injectors, quick shift, launch control, traction control and all the important parameters that a rider need. The possibility to configure and to set your bike, thank to the many different strategies and corrections implemented, is really endless. Here down, a list of the most important:

  • Injection main alpha-n
  • Injection main speed-density
  • Injection crank correction
  • Pre-injection
  • Injection BAP correction
  • Injection EWT correction
  • Injection IAT correction
  • Injector battery correction
  • Injector 2
  • Ignition BAP correction
  • Ignition EWT correction
  • Ignition IAT correction
  • Ignition opening transient correction
  • Ignition closing transient correction
  • Launch control
  • Injection launch control main table
  • Ignition launch control main table
  • Quick shift
  • Traction control

advanced strategies aim

Extra Analog Inputs:
2 analog inputs to manage external sensors to improve the bikes performance, such as barometric air pressure

Extra Digital Inputs:
2 outputs, one dedicated to a second injector and another free to add another device, like, for example, a water pump.
psi waterpump



Functional diagram connection scheme shown below.

functinal diagram





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