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Shelby GT350 / GT350R - AiM Solo 2 DL

solo2dl gt350 install

2015 - 2018 Shebly GT350 / GT350R Data Acquisition Pack

At Product41 we believe in the monitoring of both vehicle and driver performance. The new AiM Solo 2 DL GPS Lap timer with ECU connection is the perfect addition to any performance vehicle being used for autocross, auto racing or track days. Ford has engineered and produced an incredible vehicle with the GT350, this hands down will be one of the best upgrades you can give yourself.
AiM, The world leader in Data Acquisition Systems has just release the latest Ford ECU template that can be used with the AiM Solo 2 DL in the Shelby GT350 and Gt350R's for capturing and recording some key elements of your car, engine and driver while on track. With the use of the AiM Solo 2 DL, you can record RPM, speed, throttle position, acceleration, braking, independent wheel speeds, coolant temp and lap times to name a few. (see list below for other recorded data)

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aim solo2 comb gt350

All of the GPS and ECU based data recorded on Solo 2 DL can be deeply analyzed with the powerful Race Studio 2 professional software. Graphs, histograms and tables will help you understand your performance at all positions on the track.
data image

Data Package complete with AiM Solo 2 DL, OBD2 connection and Suction Cup Mount

The SoloDL is easily installed by way of a heavy duty RAM suction cup mount and connects to the ECU via the CAN/ODBll port with one simple plug. The finished look is a clean and can be easily removed.
solo odb2 plug

Here is a list of data the SoloDL will capture from the vehicle engine ECU. This imformation can also be displayed in really time along with lap time etc. on the Solo 2 DL.

  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Coolant Temp
  • Intake Air Temp
  • Throttle Pedal Position
  • Transmission Temp
  • All 4 Wheel Speeds - independent
  • All 4 Wheel Tire Pressures - independent
  • Cluch Pedal Percentage
  • Gear Selection
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage

Depending on the channel, they can be sampled from 1 - 100 times per second. (1Hz - 100Hz). 10Hz is usually sufficient.

Find your track with the powerful GPS technology

The most important feature of Solo is to show your lap times.
When Solo is powered up, it automatically recognizes the start/finish line coordinates of the track you are visiting based on the huge list of World tracks stored on Solo's internal memory, this allows very precise lap times with very little effort

Select your race mode

With a simple keyboard configuration Solo can manage four different forms of motorsports: speed races in a closed circuit, point-to-point races, regularity and performance tests.
In all of these different situations Solo gives the proper information during the test and powerful data review immediately after each session.

Choose your lap time mode

Solo is fully configurable and includes different lap time display modes:

  • Rolling lap time
  • Static lap time
  • Predictive lap time (screenshot 1), calculated during the current lap
  • Predictive lap time (screenshot 2), calculated as difference between the above and the best lap
  • Best lap

solo predictive lap