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Zamp Racing Helmet / Suits / Shoes / Socks

Helmet Sizing and Warranty Information

Zamp Suit Sizing Chart - Adult

Zamp Suit Sizing Chart - Youth

Zamp Shoe & Sock Sizing

Zamp Sports Bra Sizing Chart

Zamp Glove Size Chart

Helmet Communication Wiring Diagram - HACOMM001

Zamp Helmet Cheek Pad Install | RZ / RL Series 70E,  65D, 64C, 45D

Zamp Speaker to Cup Install

Zamp Speaker Cup to Helmet Insall | RZ / RL Series 70E, 65D, 64C, 45D

Zamp Helmet Crown Liner Install | RZ Series - 44C, 44CE, 42, 40

aim sm

smartycam 3 logos

AiM Data Acquisition Documentation   

SmartyCam3 Sport User Guide

RaceStudio 3 Software Update Link

AiM Products Firmware Update Link 

Solo 2 User Manual

Solo 2 DL User Manual   (link)

Solo / SoloDL User Manual (1st generation)

MyChron5 User Manual

MyChron5 Oval Kart User Guide

MXL2 Dash Logger User Manual

MXG Dash Logger User Manual

SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.1 User Manual

EVO4S User Manual

G-Dash User Guide

AiM Gear Calculation Procedure

GPS Module Compatibility (GPS03 - GPS09)

AiM Expansion Accessories

AiM Data Hub User Manual

ECU Bridge User Manual

LCU-One User Manual

TC Hub

Channel Expansion

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Garmin Products

Garmin Catalyst User Manual

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Race-Keeper and Road-Keeper Products

Download the user manual here
Download the Comparo Software here
Download Comparo HD software manual

raceceiver microscanner header

RACEceiver Products

RACEceiver Channel List
RACEceiver Instructions 


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RePlay XD | Prime-X

Prime-X Quick Start Guide 

Our technical information and sizing chart page.  We continue to add valuable information here for the products we sell and support.

Product41 technical information and documents page to help answer questions on products including AiM data loggers and components, Zamp Helmets and Suits, Garmin Catalyst, RACEceiver products, Pyrotect Safety, Chillout Systems, Coolshirt Systems,  and MyChron5s systems for karting.