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Special Order Item

AiM Yarara ECU - Secondary Harness

Yarara ECU Yamaha YZF450R  secondary harness. A is a useful add-on to express the full potential of Yarara and the Yamaha YZF450R ATV. If you would like to connect a data logger, the HBS handlebar switch, a quick shifter or use the dedicated Spark software, you need the secondary harness.

  • UC Bridge connector - Connect to UC Bridge in order to configure specific maps, read live measurements with AiM SPARK software and have support from
    Tuners or AiM developers in remote mode.
  • CAN expansion - AiM Logger, HBS handlebar switch or display.
  • Advanced strategies - Quick shifter, second injector, spare analog channel, input channel, spare low-side output.

yarara pinout