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Product41 Exclusive - Racing Helmet Fresh Air Blower System

Helmet Forced Air Blower Systems are used by drivers in all levels of racing. This system delivers clean filtered forced air to the driver’s helmet, keeping the driver more comfortable, safe, and mentally alert, helping prevent heat exhaustion. Total installed weight is 3.5lbs. 
Note: Qualifies for free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Coming Soon! Remote mount filter extension

System Includes:

(1) 4" in-line blower (285 CFM), 12V power lead (4.7amp draw)
(1) 4-foot x 1.5" clear air hose for helmet connection (optional 6' hose available)
(1) 4" dry cone filter (filter color may be substituted)
(1) 4” x 1.5” hose adapter
(2) Aluminum roll bar mounts (included parts for 1.5" and 1.75" roll bar tubing)
(1) M6 Mouting hardware

Note: Helmet brand specific - Top or side air attachment will be required.

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