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Fluid Logic Flush 360 Assembly - Helmet and Vehicle Side

The FluidLogice Flush 360 Assembly connects to any of the fliud containment bottles and the new Fluildlogice WAVE system. Magnetic nozzle dock ensures quick one handed hydration with the flick of the wrist.

Features & Benefits

  • Keep your eyes on the road ahead with quick one-handed megentic operation 
  • Stay hydrated outside your vehicle when parked at your favorite spot 
  • Dust resistant silicone bite valve prevents dust and sand from sticking to the bite-valve 
  • Insulated dairy-grade tubing keeps your drink cold in route to you 
  • Mounting for driver communication mic integrated with hydration 

System includes:

  • 7.5ft of Dairy grade insulated draw tube 
  • Magnetic draw hose dock 
  • Dust & drip resistant silicone bite valve 
  • Varying length straps for securing draw tube to roll bar
  • Helmet and vehicle side components to connect to hydration bottle