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Motorola Long Track Digital System | MOTOTRBO R2 - Analog

Note: 3 - 5 day lead time for radio programming and shipping

The Racing Radios Long Track Portable System features a pair of Motorola R2 Analog Radios and is a complete system designed for long track professional motorsports courses. From amateur racing, ChampCar, and SVRA vintage racing to Pirelli GT, Ferrari Challenge, IMSA, our systems are designed for professionals, track-proven, and built to last. 

This is a complete pregrammed Racing Radios system for car and 1 crew member.

For the driver, this package includes our high-quality helmet kit with a noise-canceling microphone and a set of foam drivers earpieces. (Earpiece upgrades available)

This package includes a Motorola R2 Portable analog radio for the car, our custom-built car harness (connects driver's helmet kit, radio, and PTT), a push-to-talk button module, and an external antenna kit for added reception.

Package includes a complete package for one crew member/engineer and features a Motorola R2 analog radio, a Racing Radios Two-Way Headset with noise-canceling microphone, headset cable, and Racing Radios Belt. (Add an additional Crew Member package to this bundle for extra savings)

This is a turn-key system programmed and ready to install.

 System Includes:

  • Motorola R2 Analog Radio (w/ Battery, Single Unit Charger, Power Supply) | User Guide 
  • Driver Helmet kit (4/C IMSA Style Helmet Kit w/ High-Quality Mic)
  • RPT-30 HD Thru-hole Push to Talk Button (Hole-through or Velcro Options)
  • Driver Earpieces (Foam RRIEM19FF001 or Upgrade)
  • Car Harness (RCH-139010A-H)
  • Antenna Kit (Standard or upgrade)
  • Motorola R2 Digital Crew Package

Motorola R2 Crew member package includes:

  • Motorola Analog R2 Radio | User Guide
    (w/ Battery, Single Unit Charger, Power Supply
  • Racing Radios Headset (RRH084 or RRH084BLK)
  • Motorola 2-Pin Headset Cable (RDH-950-H)
  • Racing Radios Belt

Basic System Installation Diagram

This system will programmed and shipped direct from Racing Radios. From programming options or special requests, please contact us at 503-592-0441 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.