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David Clark Premium Velcro Push-to-Talk Switch

Upgrade your communications package with the ultimate Push-to-Talk (PTT) switch from David Clark. Designed with the professional racer in mind, this top-of-the-line PTT switch is built to perform in even the most demanding racing environments.

Featuring a fail-safe backup microswitch, you can trust that your communications will outperform in critical moments. With a Velcro mount, you can easily attach the PTT switch to your steering wheel, providing maximum flexibility and positioning options.

Choose the best in the business with the battle tested David Clark PTT switch. Experience the peace of mind of knowing your communications are always in good hands. Upgrade now and take your racing to the next level!

  • Fail-safe backup microswitch PTT
  • Velcro Mount
  • Coil Cable
  • High-quality Parts & Cable
  • 3-Pin industry-standard connection
  • David Clark Velcro PTT