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* Intercom System Wiring:

Racing Radios 2-Person Intercom System

This SxS Racing Radios® 2 Person Intercom is the perfect option for SxS, coaches, and students, or anyone who needs uninterrupted communications between driver and passenger. The Racing Radios SXS Intercom is an affordable yet robustly designed 2-person intercom with superb audio clarity. Perfect for coach/student or UTV & Side-by-Side Applications.

Optional Upgrade Available for "Off-Road" Style Wiring Compatibility.


  • Integrated roll bar mounting brackets for easy installation.
  • Independent volume controls for driver and co-driver
  • Two Hardwired 4/C helmet cables & adapters (Compatible with 4-conductor IMSA style helmet kits) or upgrade to "Off-Road" Style Wiring (Only Compatible with "Off-Road" style wired gear) Helmet Kits Not Included. See below for optional helmet kits.
  • Powered internally by 4 AA batteries or optionally, hardwired to 12V for permanent installation
  • The auxiliary audio output allows for connection to a camera or recorder.
  • ON/OFF indicator LED

System Includes:

  • SxS Intercom
  • Power Adapter Cable
  • Wired Driver & Co-Driver Cables (Each Cable 8' 2" In Length)

Optional Helmet Communication kits shown below: