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Headset Cable Type:

Racing Radios 2-Way Headset - Premium

Racing Radios Premium Two-Way Radio Headset features a flex boom noise-canceling microphone, premium comfort ear gels, and an incorporated scanner jack on the left ear-cup that enables you to plug an additional audio source. Built for professionals with high-quality components for maximum reliability and durability. The iconic blue Two-Way Radio Headset is used in every form of racing around the world.

Features include:

  • Premium Noise-canceling adjustable microphone
  • Premium Comfort Gel Foam ear seals
  • Behind-the-head fit for maximun ear seal and noise reduction
  • Push to talk on the left ear cup.
  • 5-Pin Cable Connector on Right Ear Cup
  • Built-in scanner port on left ear-cup to plug in a scanner for 2nd audio feed. (Headset cable for radio not included)