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Kart Racing Radio System for Training & Coaching / One-way Communication

Kart racing radio communication system for coaching and one-way communication to the kart driver. We utilizes the Motorola BPR-40 Mag-One analog radio and RACEceiver receiver. The UHF BPR-40 radio will be programmed with up to 8 analog channels between 450.000 and 469.875, the RACEceiver can be easily set to any of the 1000 differnet frequencies between 450.0000 and 469.875. Simply set the proper channel on the RACEceiver to match one of the supplied list of channels on the radio. The RACEceiver can be clipped to the driver with the supplied belt clip or the optional helmet holster (mounts RACEceiver on the side of the helmet).

Kit includes: 

  • Motorola BPR-40 Mag One 8 channel radio | Spec Sheet
  • Battery, single unit charger and power supply
  • RACEceiver Fusion+ receiver, battery and belt clip | User guide
  • RACEceiver printed channel list | RACEceiver channel list also found here
  • Radio frequency list (8 programmed channels)
  • Highlighted channel sheet to match radio and raceceiver
  • Standard 3.5mm ear buds (optional semi-pro foam)

Note: Most racing series do not allow communication with the driver from crew during qualifying and racing. Should only be used for practice and coaching.