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Helmet / Harness Plug:

Garmin Catalyst Audible Coaching Cable to Helmet Communication Kit - IMSA 4C Connector

The Racing Radios Garmin Catalyst audible live coaching "Y" cable adapter allows you to use your existing pit-to-car communication system and hear the optional live coaching feature of the Garmin Catalyst with one set of ear buds, headphones or helmet speaker system. Known for their quality, Racing Radios and Product41 worked together to develop this cable due to the need and number of drivers wanting to utilized the Garmin Catalyst's features but not give up their communication with crew members.

Compatible with the Garmin Catalyst and includes:

  • IMSA 4C Female to Male adapter (jumper between helmet and car harness)
  • 5' shielded cable to 3.5mm male connector (harness to Garmin Catalyst)
  • Optional: Custom lengths (special order item 3 week lead time) Leave us a detailed note when ordering or contact us at 503-592-0441 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: Some images shown with helmet communication kit and car radio harness. These items are not included.