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COOLSHIRT Micro Cooling System - 12 volt

The COOLSHIRT ® Kart Bag is used as a self contained portable cooling system for the racer that has limited room to work with. The bag is designed to use our endurance ice packs and plug directly into any of our liquid cooled garments. This bag is perfect for karting, formula racing, micro sprints, cage karts or anywhere that a small, compact cooling solution is needed due to space limitations.

This system has no self-contained power and must be connected to a 12v power source.

  • Emergency pull release standard on all racing products.
  • Compatible with All CoolSuits, Cooling Suits and Chillout Shirts
  • Up to 45 minutes of driver cooling
  • MAXIMUM VOLTAGE: 12V. Greater voltage will void warranty.

Download Instruction Manual Here

coolshirt mychron5s


















Note: Picture shown with MyChron5S 2-T for size comparison