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AiM MX UTV Data Logging Dash/Gauges for Polaris RZR

Absolute freedom with AiM MX UTV custom dash logger for the Polaris RZR.

MX UTV is the new AiM dash logger specifically designed for the off-road world, in order to offer our best technology to those racers whome crave for running in absolute freedom.

Speed, RPM, Coolant Temp, Transmission Belt Temp and GPS Lap time are just a few things that can be show and data logged.
Setting up your MX UTV is simple. The AiM MX UTV allows you to select your vehicle brand and type directly from the dash menu. Simply plug it into the diagnostic port or ODBII port with the supplied ECU connector.

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utv vehicle setup screen









 MX UTV acquires and shows the following important information:

  • Data coming from your ECU
  • Transmission belt temperature, by using the infrared sensor included in the kit

Model: Polaris RZR
Channels that will be data logged and or displayed:

  • Speed
  • RPM with configurable RGB shift lights
  • Engine Coolant Temp (ECT)
  • Throttle Position (TPS)
  • Brake Switch
  • Fuel Rate
  • Transmission Belt Tempreture via infrared temp sensor
  • Boost Pressure (turbo model only)
  • Charge Air Intake temp (turbo model only)

visual front











Transmission belt temperature, no more worries.

The transmission belt temperature is one of the main concern for UTV drivers. Now you can monitor actual belt surface temperature in Real-Time.
Thanks to the infrared temperature sensor, included in the kit, it is possible to constantly check the temperature, reading it directly on the display.
Two RGB alarm LEDs will turn on when the temperature gets close to the critical level.

belt temp warning light









belt temp installed










visual back












track graphic







Find always your track and your data as well

Thanks to the integrated GPS Module, MX UTV automatically recognizes the track you are racing on and calculates lap times and your position on the track with high precision.
Besides, thanks to the auto-learning mode, MX UTV will anytime be able to add new tracks into its internal tracks database.
All the acquired data, from the ECU, from the Belt Temp Sensor and from the GPS are stored into a huge 4 GB internal memory, that can log your data for several thousands of hours.

sxs racing





 GPS Data: speed, position, time of the day and, with a precision of 1/100 sec, the lap times, thanks to the powerful built-in GPS Module.

- Expandable to run LCU-One CAN Wide band Lambda controller, with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe providing Air/Fuel data for tuning.

- SmartyCam HD Camera, provides on-board data from your ECU and GPS and overlayed onto your video.

utv expansion smc3s











The wide LCD display has a freely configurable RGB backlight, which gives you the possibility to choose among eight different colours, and a light sensor that automatically switches on the backlight with low light conditions.

 aim mx utv colors displays





 What's in the box:

  • AiM MX UTV Dash Unit
  • AiM mouting plate and hardware
  • ECU power harness
  • Infrared belt temp sensor
  • Patch cable for sensor
  • MX UTV setup and user guide