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AiM 712 Port Plug

These threaded 712 port protection screws are perfect for sealing up your the ports in AiM data products. Designed with a rubber seal to keep dust and moisture out of vital areas. This AiM 712 dust cap fits all 3, 4, 5, and 7 pin female ports found on AiM data products and components.

5 available colors: Black, Blue, Red, Gold and Green

Fits any of the AiM product line of dashes, cameras and components with the 712 binder including but not limited to:

  • MyChron4
  • MyChron5
  • MyChron5S
  • MyChron5S 2T
  • Solo GPS lap timer
  • Solo DL GPS lap timer
  • Solo 2 GPS lap timer
  • Solo 2 DL GPS lap timer
  • MyChron Expansion Box
  • Channel Expansion Box
  • Data Hubs
  • TC Hubs
  • SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.1
  • SmartyCam GP HD Rev.2.1
  • SmartyCam GP HD Rev.2.2
  • EVO4
  • EVO4S