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AiM Trackside IR Beacon Transmitter (optical)

AiM Sports IR optical lap beacon transmitters are accurate, reliable, and affordable. These infrared beacons work with an optic receivereye on your kart or car to display lap times on your data logger instantly. Position the transmitters at the start/finish line to record your overall lap times. They run in "low power"  mode with AA batteries, or with the external wiring harness and a 12 V battery in "high power" (up to 60') for wider tracks.

With the popularity of GPS over that last many years, these are most commonly used on older units that do not have a GPS module or not compatible with GPS. They are also very common in indoor racing situations where GPS is not received accurately. Catch all of your lap times with AiM optical lap transmitters. 

Note: Must use an AiM IR receiver eye on kart or car.