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AiM Solo / Solo 2 RAM V-Shape Bracket - Roll Bar Mount Kit

The RAM-B-108BU consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball connected at a right angle to a v-shaped base. Solo, Solo DL, Solo 2 and Solo 2DL.

The RAM-B-108BU accommodates rails from 1.0" to a maximum of 2.1" in diameter. To mount the RAM-B-108BU base, place the saddle shaped plate on the rail then wrap the metal clamp strap around the rail and plate. Tighten the screw knob on the metal strap with a screw driver until the strap has a firm hold on the rail. The kit comes with 95mm arm, 1" ball on diamond plate (RAM-B-238U) 33-57mm hose clamp, 19-44mm hose clamp and rubber sleave optimal for mounting the AiM Solo 2, Solo 2 DL and the older versions Solo and SoloDL or other devises.