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TDM Short Cable:

AiM Track Day Mount Kit - Solo 2 DL / SmartyCam Mount

The AiM Track Day Mount Kit combines the ability to mount the Solo 2 DL data logging lap timer with the SmartyCam HD Rev 2.1 camera all on one mount. We also have the short .4m 712 5pin - 712 7pin cable (SmartyCam 2.1) and the 712 5pin - 712 5pin (SmartyCam 3 version cameras)  to avoid bundling up your existing 2m or 4m cable when using the track day mount.

The AiM Track Day Kit is perfect for competitive race testing or track days use where you want to incorporate one mount for both the AiM Solo, SoloDL, Solo 2 or Solo 2 DL with the AiM SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.1 for captuing all your vehicle and video data.

Compatible with other cameras such as GoPro when used with the RAM "B" sized 1" ball GoPro mount.

*Mount only - no electronics