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 ECU Harness + 3.5mm

AiM SmartyCam 3 Corsa, SmartyCam 3 GP ECU Harness / 3.5mm External Mic Jack

Cable designed to power and connect to your ECU your SmartyCam 3 GP, SmartyCam 3 Corsa, SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.1 and SmartyCam GP 2.2. Power harness connects the SmartyCam direct to an ECU via CAN. Unterminated leads include 12v, ground, CAN + and CAN - with a 3.5mm external mic jack. This cable would be used if the camera is running in a stand alone configuration with no data logger connection and add an external microphone. For optimal cofiguration you would want to add the GPS09 module.

  • 4m Length

Compatible with the following Cameras:

  • SmartyCam 3 Corsa (all)
  • SmartyCam 3 GP
  • SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.1
  • SmartyCam HD Rev. 2.2 (GP)