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Zamp Z-20 Photochromatic Shield - Prism Gold

No need to change your shield between races, stays clear in low light and changes to Gold Prism in sunlight! The new Z-20 Photochromatic Shield smoothly transitions from clean prism to gold prism (and vice versa) depending on the amount of sunlight there is. Spare and replacement helmet shields are important to have for the serious racer or track day enthusiast. 3mm thickness, 12.125 inch tear off post centers.

HASZ20PHOTOGP transition

Fits the following Zamp helmet line using the Z-20 Shields: (All SA2015 / SA2020 Helmets)

  • Zamp RZ-70E Switch
  • Zamp RZ-65D
  • Zamp RZ-64C
  • Zamp RZ-62
  • Zamp RZ-60
  • Zamp RZ-60V
  • Zamp RZ-59
  • Zamp RZ-58
  • Zamp RZ-56
  • Zamp RZ-44C / CE
  • Zamp RZ-42
  • Zamp RZ-40
  • Zamp RZ-40V
  • Zamp RZ-36
  • Zamp RZ-36 Dirt
  • Zamp RZ-35
  • Zamp RZ-35 Dirt
  • Zamp RZ-35E
  • Zamp RZ-42Y
  • Zamp RZ-37Y

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