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Zamp Helmet Sealed Tear Offs - P208Z

Z-Optics premium sealed tear offs Includes 3 Sets of 8 Stacked Tear Offs.

  • Visual Light Transmission = 90% compared to competitors 8 layer at 83.7%
  • Optical Haze = .73% compared to competitors 8 layer at 2.67%
  • Helmet Fitment: Zamp, Bell, G-Force, RJS,
  • Fits on Z-15, Z-20 Series Zamp Helmet Shields and others with 12.125" on center tear off post. (All Zamp helmets with Snell SA2015 and SA2020 certification)

Note: There are Blue (Front) and Green (Back) Protective Films on each stack of Tear Offs. Please carefully remove these films from the top and bottom layers, using the Front/Back stickers, without taking a clear layer off of the 8 layer Stack of Tear Offs. See Tear-Off installation video here

Fits the following Zamp helmet line using the Z-20 Shields: (All SA2015 / SA2020 Helmets)

  • Zamp RZ-70E Switch
  • Zamp RZ-65D
  • Zamp RZ-64C
  • Zamp RZ-62
  • Zamp RZ-60
  • Zamp RZ-60V
  • Zamp RZ-59
  • Zamp RZ-58
  • Zamp RZ-56
  • Zamp RZ-44C / CE
  • Zamp RZ-42
  • Zamp RZ-40
  • Zamp RZ-40V
  • Zamp RZ-36
  • Zamp RZ-36 Dirt
  • Zamp RZ-35
  • Zamp RZ-35 Dirt
  • Zamp RZ-35E
  • Zamp RZ-42Y
  • Zamp RZ-37Y