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Ideal Boat Racing Helmet!

RZ-62 Fluorescent Orange - SA2020

Boat Racing Helmet / Auto Racing Helmet / Kart Racing Helmet 

Helmet Sizing Chart

Zamp Racing RZ-62 Helmet Features include:
•    Aramid Mix Shell for Super Lightweight
•    Aerodynamics Shell & Chin Bar Aero Lips in Shell, makes the *accessory Rear Top Spoiler and Front Top Chin Bar Spoiler easy to install.
•    TRI-Tech Air System– Allows you to run Natural Air, Forced Air, and Air Plugs in the Three Adjustable Inlets on Top and Both Sides of chin bar. The most adjustable Air Flow in the market
•    Plush Fire Retardant Removable/Washable ultra-soft Interior with EPS chin bar foam
•    Z-20 Series 3mm Clear Shield with Tear Off Posts at 12.125 inch center posts using banana style tear offs
•    Hydration Hole/Plug Front and Center in chin bar with easy set up
•    *Ear Cup Option built with Ear Pocket which allows you to easily Velcro in Zamp Ear Cup to give driver quieter environment to hear communications
•    M6 Inserts for Neck Restraint
•    Snell SA2020

Geared towards boat racing where the SA2020 certification is required. Sizes Small - XL. Contact us for additional sizes including X-small and XXL.

*Rear spoiler, front chin lip and ear cups / muffs accessory not included.