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LITEceiver Controller

LITEceiver Controller

Brand: RACEceiver

LITEceiver instant In-Car Flagger - Controller

NEW - The LITEceiver will be a game changer for drivers and tracks with the new LITEceiver instant flagging system for short track racing. The LITEceiver allows all drivers to see any flag that is being displayed in their car at the same time controled electronically from a race official. The LITEceiver is small, rechargeble and will transmit yellow, white, red, green and checkered flags from a push of a button from race control to all cars running the LITEceiver.

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Race officials will use a transmitter to transmit proper flagging information to all drivers, at the exact same time!

Instant Flags - Safer Racing - Fully Encrypted

  • Race Tracks
  • Sanctioning Bodies
  • Organizers

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Dimension (L x W x H) 8 x 4 x 3 Inch
Weight 0.8 Pound