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Z-20 Shield Retention Kit

Z-20 Shield Retention Kit

Brand: Zamp Racing

Zamp Helmet Z-20 Shield Retention Kit

Replacement shield bolts and hardware for Zamp SA rated racing helmets.

Fits all Z-20 Shields for the following helmet models: 

  • Zamp RZ-70E Switch
  • Zamp RZ-65D
  • Zamp RZ-64C
  • Zamp RZ-62
  • Zamp RZ-60
  • Zamp RZ-60V
  • Zamp RZ-59
  • Zamp RZ-58
  • Zamp RZ-56
  • Zamp RZ-44C / CE
  • Zamp RZ-42
  • Zamp RZ-40
  • Zamp RZ-40V
  • Zamp RZ-36
  • Zamp RZ-36 Dirt
  • Zamp RZ-35
  • Zamp RZ-35 Dirt
  • Zamp RZ-35E
  • Zamp RZ-42Y
  • Zamp RZ-37Y
Dimension (L x W x H) 6 x 4 x 1 Inch
Weight 0.1 Pound

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