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Motocross GPS Lap timer
  • Motocross GPS Lap timer
  • Motocross GPS Lap timer
  • Motocross GPS Lap timer
  • Motocross GPS Lap timer
  • Motocross GPS Lap timer

Motocross GPS Lap timer

Brand: AIM Sports
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Motocross Racing - AiM Solo 2 - GPS Lap Timer for MX

AiM Solo 2 - GPS Lap Timer
The AiM Solo 2, smarter, smaller and more powerful than ever: the new Solo 2 is the game-changer we were waiting for! Not just a lap-timer, the AiM Solo 2 is the most precise tracker on the market: receiving data from GPS and Glonass, two satellites constellation, our device provides lap-times with just a max 2/100 of tolerance.

The Solo 2 has 10 configurable RGB LEDs ready to inform you

  • Sector to Sector, if you are improving or not in live time
  • Predictive lap time function 

Also, the SOLO 2 has also a huge internal track database with over 3000 circuits: at the power ON, it automatically select the right one, without any need of your setting. But even if the track you want to get in is not into the database yet, SOLO 2 will switch to auto-learning mode, understanding the characteristics of the track and giving the lap times anyway.

lights visual 4back visual solo2dl

Motocross Tracks, Fields, Hill-Climbs… Wherever you are, whatever you are driving or riding, Solo 2 is exactly what you need and what you always needed. Aim Solo 2 racing lap timer can manage different types of races, Speed races in a closed circuit, Point to-point races, Regularity, Performance tests (0-60 mph etc.) In each of these configurations, Solo 2 gives you the correct information during the test and powerful data review immediately after each session. Shows and records for later reviewing; speed, lap times, sector times and track mapping with elevation


screen visual 1

  • WiFi download - yes!
  • Internal 3 Axis Accelerometer - +/-5g
  • 7 Configurable Backlight RGB Colors
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 1 Socket Connector (binder) 712 5 pin
  • Graphical 128x64 pixel display
  • 12v external power
  • 10hz GPS
  • Internal 3 axis accelerometer / 3 Axis Gyro - 3 Axis Magnetometer
  • Intergrated tracks
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 10 Configurable Shift lights using RBG LED's
  • 98mmx73.7mmx30.2mm size, 240g weight with battery

aim dataaim lap data

aim solo 2 colors

aim solo 2 wifi

solo 2 race modes