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AiM Honda CRF ECU Harness

AiM Honda CRF ECU Harness

Brand: AIM Sports

Special Order Item

AiM Solo 2 DL - Honda CRF ECU Harness

ECU Harness used to connect Solo DL / Solo 2 DL to the engine ECU. Contact us for availability.

Note: Specific Item Order - Item usually ships 7-10 days.

Honda - CRF250R - 2010 on | CRF450R - 2009 on

ECU_1   HDS_RPM         RPM         
ECU_2   HDS_TPS_V      Throttle position sensor voltage
ECU_3   HDS_TPS          Throttle position sensor
ECU_4   HDS_ECT          Engine coolant temperature
ECU_5   HDS_IAT           Intake air temperature
ECU_6   HDS_MAP         Manifold air pressure
ECU_7   HDS_BATT        Battery supply         
ECU_8   HDS_SPD         Speed         
ECU_9   HDS_IGN_ANG  Ignition angle         
ECU_10  HDS_INJ_Tms  Injection time

Technical note: not all data channels outlined in the ECU template are validated for each manufacturer model or variant;  
some of the outlined channels are model and year specific, and therefore may not be applicable.