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AiM IR Optic Lap Receiver

AiM IR Optic Lap Receiver

Brand: AIM Sports

AiM IR Optic Lap Reciever Eye

The MyChron Optic Lap Receiver is used with the MyChron Optic Lap Transmitter for fast, reliable lap time sampling right to your dash. This unit is the same receiver included with older MyChron Kart Dash Kits but can be used with newer MyChron5. The 4-pin 712 (screw-in) connector works with all AiM / MyChron kart dashes from the MyChron3 through to the MyChron5. The short 1.4 meter cord is long enough for easy positioning anywhere on a kart.

With the accuracy of GPS in the new MyChron5's outdoors, this is typically used in indoor applications where GPS is not received. A trackside beacon trasmitter will be reqired.