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Inferno Armor Fire Retardant - Qt.
  • Inferno Armor Fire Retardant - Qt.
  • Inferno Armor Fire Retardant - Qt.

Inferno Armor Fire Retardant - Qt.

Brand: Inferno Armor

Inferno Armor - Fire Retardant and Heat Protection (32oz. Spray Bottle)

See treated vs. non-treated helmet interior

See treated vs. non-treated Balaclava comparison video here!

With Inferno Armor, any fabric treated can be flame retardant and heat resistant up to 2500° Fahrenheit. All you have to do is spray.

The revolutionary Inferno Armor spray has been extensively tested and shown to provide superior fire-retardant protection and high-heat transfer protection. It’s also easy to use — simply spray it on and the materials you treat will not ignite or spread flames, dramatically increasing safety, minimizing the threat of damage or loss caused by fire and giving you the confidence of knowing you’re protected.

The Inferno Armor liquid was created for the motorsports industry but now used in many other applications, Inferno Armor quickly and easily makes fabrics fire retardant and heat resistant. Inferno Armor can be used on any fabric to reduce the spread of fire and effectively block the transmission of conductive and radiant heat. Simply put, it’s high-performance fire protection in a convenient spray.

Inferno Armor is eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic chemical solution, meaning it not only blocks fire and heat but limits the release of toxic smoke and fumes. The rigorously tested product is water-based, PFAS-free, fluorine-free, non-carcinogenic and won’t harm humans, pets and the environment.

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Why It Works: The effectiveness of Inferno Armor lies in its innovative formula. Unlike traditional fire retardants that often contain harmful chemicals, Inferno Armor uses a non-toxic, eco-friendly composition. The key lies in its ability to create a physical barrier that inhibits the oxygen supply essential for combustion. When applied to a surface, it forms a protective layer that prevents the ignition of fires, even in extreme heat conditions up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. This barrier not only prevents flames from taking hold but also significantly reduces the heat transfer, thereby protecting the material underneath.


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