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Inferno Armor Fire / Heat Prevention & Protection

Inferno Armor fire retardant and heat protection in a bottle. With Inferno Armor, any fabric can be flame retardant and heat resistant up to 2500° Fahrenheit. Provides maximum protection from Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D and Class K fires. Inferno Armor has been extensively tested and shown to provide superior fire-retardant protection and high-heat transfer protection. It’s also easy to use — simply spray it on and the materials you treat will not ignite or spread flames, dramatically increasing safety, minimizing the threat of damage or loss caused by fire and giving you the confidence of knowing you’re protected. Have questions? Please contact us! 503-592-0441 or email Sales@Product41.com  
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See treated vs. non-treated Balaclava comparison video here!   
See treated vs. non-treated helmet interior comparison video here!

Inferno Armor Fire Retardant - Case

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Inferno Armor Fire Retardant - Qt.

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