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AiM GPS09 Module

AiM GPS09 Module

Brand: AIM Sports

GPS09 Module - Powerful GPS

The GPS09 module is standard on most AiM data loggers including the MXS, MXG and MXP platforms. The GPS09 module is an option on all new SmartyCam 3 (except sport) cameras when using in the stand alone mode.
GPS technology represented a true revolution in racing data acquisition. Now another revolution has begun, thanks to GPS09 Module and Race Studio 3 software. As you start a track session you start sampling lap and split times as well as speed, position and acceleration... all the information you need for engine tuning as well as for improving your driving technique.

GPS09 Technical Sheet

  • GPS: 25hz
  • External power: 5-15v
  • Connection: AiM CAN
  • Dimensions: 53.2mm x 53.8mm x 19.7mm
  • Weight: 60.5 grams
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Cable lenght: 1.3m

Up to four satellite systems: the greatest reliability and precision ever

GPS09 is more precise: while GPS08 included GPS satellite signal and Global Navigation Satellite System (Glonass) signal, with GPS09 AiM added signals from BeiDou and Galileo satellite systems.
GPS09 guarantees precision and reliability simply not comparable with the old generation of AiM GPS Modules.gps satellitesgps 09 benefits

With your track included in AiM database,GPS09 does it all by itself

As soon as GPS09 switches-on its position is detected and - if your track is included in Race Studio 3 database - starts sampling lap times. In fact, the software stores the start/finish line coordinates (plus map, contact info and logo) of more than four thousand tracks, sorted by nation, circuit and surface type. You can create your own collections, add/remove tracks as you wish. Just load your collection to AiM systems and GPS09 will be ready to operate. Should your home track be missing, you can easily add it to your tracklist.
gps database

There is a world beyond lap times

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. To get better you have to know all details of your performance. GPS09 samples more than ten times per second position, speed and lateral/in-line acceleration at any point of the track: all data needed for a precise evaluation of your vehicle behaviour, which is the necessary step to improve your performance and achieve your goals. Thanks to GPS09 even the predictive lap time will be much more reliable: in any moment of your race, you will know your time gap vs. your best lap with absolute precision.
gps sample rate

Dimension (L x W x H) 6 x 4 x 2 Inch
Weight 0.5 Pound