P41 Arrive-and-Drive Program

Product41 Karting Program Trailer for the Salem Oregon Indoor Dirt Oval Series

January 1st, 2021 | 2021 Races Listed Below

Welcome to the Product41 Arrive-and-Drive program. We run our indoor dirt oval karting program from November - March at the Salem Speedway located in Salem Oregon. If your interested in driving, information found here will help you understand our program and give you all the detail needed. This program is complete with all the necessary product and support needed for a winning team / driver.

Classes we compete in:

- Briggs & Stratton LO206 light - #330 (Salem)

- Briggs & Stratton LO206 heavy - #380 (Salem)

- Briggs & Stratton LO206 - #370 (BLG Showdown Only, February 2021)

Team provides: Capable winning prepared kart, tires, fuel, support, set up and transport

Driver provides: Driver safety equipment, entry / track fees, responsible for crash damage. Driver keeps any money winnings.

Contact information: 503-592-0441 or email Ronnie@Product41.com

*Prices listed below are for Salem Speedway Only

Friday Practice Only

  • Practice 6pm - 9pm
  • - Complete Prepared Kart
  • - Overview
  • - Track walk
  • - Kart branded with drivers name
  • - Full Driver / Kart Support
  • - Seat mounting
  • - Pedal Placement
  • - Scale on Flat-pad
  • - Debrief
  • *Driver needs to arrive by 4:30pm

Saturday Race Only

  • Drivers Meeting at 10:30am
  • - Complete Prepared Kart
  • - Overview
  • - Track walk
  • - Kart branded with drivers name
  • - Full Driver / Kart Support
  • - Seat Mounting
  • - Pedal Placement
  • - Scale on Flat-pad
  • - Cross Weight Set up
  • (matching to team karts)
  • - Kart Alignment w/driver
  • - Set-up changes
  • - Tire Compound/Stagger options
  • - Debrief
  • - Lap Time Report / Session
  • * Driver must arrive by 8am
  • * Day ends by 3:30pm

Friday / Saturday

  • All previous plus:
  • - Data Analysis
  • *speed / rpm
  • *lap time report
  • *sector time report
  • Friday - Driver at 4:30pm
  • Saturday - Driver by 9:30am
  • * Day ends by 3:30pm

$550 / Race Day

BLG Showdown Race's - Star, Idaho. / High Desert Station

*Race days will include everyting listed above under "Saturday Race Only" but with a longer day schedule.

Round #1 - Saturday, February 21st 

Round #2 - Sunday, February 22nd

Practice - Thursday, Fedruary 25th (afternoon/Evening)

Round #3 - Saturday, February 26th

Round #4 - Sunday, February 27th

Detailed daily schedules will be posted shortly.

Product41 Arrive-and-Drive
Product41 - AiM Kart Data
Product41 - Salem Speedway
Product41 AiM Kart TPS
Product41 loaded
Product41 Briggs and Stratton
Product41 kart scale

Manufactures and Components:

Here is a list of manufactures and components we use on all our team karts. Burris Tires, WMS Boaz Wheels, WMS Black Out Series Bearings, 2021 Ultramax Rival "SHP Edition" Chassis (chassis #01, #02 and #03 of the 2021 production model), M&M Performance Bodies, Briggs and Stratton LO206 sealed engines, Custom P41 Engine & Carb Vent System, Hilliard Flame drum clutches and Briggs 4T Amsoil. All of our karts are equipped with the AiM MyChron5 lap timer and data system, MyChron Expansion Box, Rear Axle Speed Sensor, RPM Sensor and TPS (throttle position sensor). For the 2020-2021 season our team karts will now upgrade to the new MyChron5S kart data system. Find more info on the new MyChron5S here at Product41.com under Kart Data Systems.

Data acquisition driven information for oval karting racing with Product41
Briggs and Stratton Racing with Product41.com
Burris Tires Racing with Product41.com
Molecule Sports Keep it Clean Racing with Product41.com
RaceCeiver communication Racing with Product41.com
AiM MyChron5 for kart racing with Product41

Early 2021 Indoor Season

Feb. 20-21, 2021
Star, Idaho
BLG Showdown at High Desert Station - Rounds 1&2

Feb. 26-27, 2021
Star, Idaho
BLG Showdown at High Desert Station - Rounds 3&4




2021 Outdoor Season


As of 1/1/21
Dates to be announced