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RZ-44 Carbon - Auto Racing / Kart Racing Helmet

Helmet Sizing Chart

Zamp Racing Helmet Features include:

  • Carbon Mix Shell for Super Lightweight Shell
  • Aerodynamics Chin Bar Spoiler to reduce lift and increase stability
  • Low Profile Air Attachment Mount it on Top, On Side, or Both Top and Side.
  • TOP Air System– Allows you to run Natural Air, Forced Air, and Air Plugs.
  • Fire Retardant Removable/Washable ultra-soft Interior with EPS chin bar foam
  • Z-20 Series 3mm Clear Shield with Tear Off Posts at 12.25 inch center posts using banana style tear offs
  • Hydration Hole/Plug Front and Center in chin bar with easy set up
  • EAR MUFFS & EAR Pads to give driver quieter environment to hear what you need to hear
  • M6 Inserts for Neck Restraint
  • Snell SA-2015

Zamp Auto and Kart Racing Helmets can be customized with Air and shield color accessories.

RZ-44C Carbon SA2015